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Antique Mulberry

3 Antique Furnival J.F.&Co Mulberry Transfer Medina Plates 1845-70 Staffordshire


Antique 1850 Francis Morley Aurora Transferware Mulberry Large Vegetabe Bowl


Antique Mulberry Corean Transfer Plate c1850 Podmore Walker England PW


Antique Mulberry Colored Milanese Pavilion Staffordshire Plate Joseph Heath


14 Pcs Antique Royal Staffordshire JENNY LIND Platter Plates Mulberry Transfer




ANTIQUE Flow Mulberry ATHENS W. ADAMS & SONS 1800’s Transferware Plate 10 3/4"


Antique Staffordshire Mulberry and White Bowl - Florentine, T J and J Mayer


Antique Ironstone Flow Mulberry Sugar Bowl Challinor Pelew Staffordshire


HUGE Antique Flow Mulberry Staffordshire Transferware Washington Vase Platter


Antique Flow Mulberry Staffordshire Transferware Botanical Pattern Platter


Antique "Buda" Mulberry Transferware Plate, 19th century


Antique Ironstone Mulberry Plate Flow Black Transfer Jeddo Pattern W.Adams


Antique Ironstone Mulberry Plate Washington Vase Pattern By Podmore Walker 1834


ANTIQUE Staffordshire Transferware Flow Mulberry Challinor Rose Coffeepot MINT


Antique Staffordshire MULBERRY HANDLELESS CUP AND SAUCER - Thos, Walker -'TAVOY'


Antique Flow Mulberry Large Ewer Pitcher Tavoy by Thomas Walker


ANTIQUE MULBERRY WASHINGTON VASE Podmore, Walker & Co Transferware Pitcher 5 3/4


Antique Staffordshire Strawberry Brushstroke Tea Bowl Saucer Mulberry Black Cup


Antique Flow Mulberry Calcutta Staffordshire Platter 16" Platter


ANTIQUE Flow Mulberry VINCENNES Alcock Staffordshire Transferware Platter


Antique J.F. & Co. Jacob Furnival "Medina" Mulberry Octagonal Ironstone Platter


Antique Staffordshire MULBERRY CUP AND SAUCER


Antique Wedgwood Tyrol Transferware Mulberry Covered Tureen


Antique Mulberry Marble Ironstone Teapot


Antique MASSIVE Flow Mulberry LAKE Staffordshire Transferware Serving Platter


ANTIQUE Large T J & J Mayer Rhone Scenery Flow Mulberry Staffordshire Platter


Antique Charles Meigh ATHENS Flow Black Mulberry Transfer Ware 8" Water Pitcher


ANTIQUE Flow Mulberry Rhone Scenery TJJ Myers Staffordshire Transferware Platter


ANTIQUE Flow Black Mulberry Moss Rose ? Staffordshire Transferware Platter


Antique 1840s Staffordshire Transferware Flow Mulberry Corean Gravy Boat




ANTIQUE Purple Mulberry GENOA Wedgwood Staffordshire Transferware Dinner Plate


Antique 1840s 50s Staffordshire Transferware Flow Mulberry Milk Pitcher MINTY !!


ANTIQUE Flow Mulberry J Clementson Corea Staffordshire Transferware Platter


Antique 1850 Francis Morley Aurora Transferware Mulberry Set 12 Bread Dessert


ANTIQUE Flow Mulberry ATHENS Octagonal Staffordshire Transferware Platter


HUGE Antique Flow Mulberry Staffordshire Transferware Dresden EChallinor Platter


Antique 1850 Francis Morley Aurora Transferware Mulberry 3 Handleness Cup Saucer


Antique No Handle Teacup Pair Staffordshire Mulberry Transferware CHIPPY Shabby